Complete guide: How to care for your viscose pajamas?

Caring for your viscose clothing, such as pajamas, requires a certain amount of attention to preserve their softness and fluidity. Viscose, while soft and comfortable, can shrink or wrinkle if not properly washed and dried. So, it is important to follow a few key steps to keep your viscose pajamas in perfect condition. Whether you are new to or experienced in caring for delicate garments, this guide will provide you with practical tips for caring for your viscose pajamas.


Viscose, although a relatively delicate material, is able to withstand machine washing. However, it is important to keep the washing temperature around 30°C (low temperature) to prevent shrinkage. Be sure to turn your pajamas inside out and select a gentle cycle or one specifically for delicate fabrics. Add a mild detergent to best preserve the quality of the fabric.

Restore the shape of pajamas

Viscose, by its nature, tends to lose its shape after washing. This is why it is important to restore the garment to its original shape while it is still damp. Use an iron on low heat and take care to gently stretch the fabric to return it to its original shape. To protect the fabric, you can also use a pattemouille (a fine cloth) between the iron and the garment.


When drying, lay your pajamas flat and in a well-ventilated room . This will allow even drying and avoid marking the fabric. Avoid tumble drying at all costs, as excessive heat can cause unwanted shrinkage.


If you reformed your pajamas correctly while they were still damp, ironing will be a simple step. Set the iron to low temperature and iron without steam to remove the last creases. In the case of viscose, ironing should be done when it is slightly damp for a perfect finish.


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